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    • DUNGOURNEY 1964 - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Complex, robust, slightly dry.

      Taste: Sweet with honey and molasses to begin and then a malt biscuit with Demerara coating. A full-bodied whiskey.

      Finish: The pot still shows itself especially at the end with hints of vanilla, spice and a touch of dryness.

    • GREEN SPOT - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Fresh aromatic oils and spices with orchard fruits and barley on a background of toasted wood.

      Taste: Full spicy body. A hint of cloves along with the fruity sweetness of green apples, rounded off with toasted oak.

      Finish: Lingering flavours of spices and barley.



      Nose: It is the contribution of the French oak which drives the initial aroma adding some crisp woodland notes to the spicy Single Pot Still character. The wine seasoning brings a delicate touch of floral perfume and a hint of ripe berries such as raspberries and strawberries, these are in addition to the orchard fruits typical of Green Spot.

      Taste: The familiar mouth coating effect is a very satisfying balance of oak and spices. Some vanilla sweetness works in harmony with the dry wine influence, while the fresh orchard fruits and French oak combine effortlessly with barley grains to complete the complexity.

      Finish: The rich French oak character is slow to fade leaving the wine and spices of France and Ireland with the last word.

    • JAMESON 12 YEAR OLD SPECIAL RESERVE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Intense spicy notes from the mature pot still whiskey, creating an assertively fullbodied aroma.

      Taste: Significant sherry richness leading to a nutty flavour with mild woody undertones from the years spent in the cask.

      Finish: Warm and long-lasting.

    • JAMESON 18 YEAR OLD LIMITED RESERVE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Aromatic oils with a touch of wood and spicy toffee.

      Taste: Wonderfully mellow and smooth, a mouthful of complex flavours – toffee, spice, hints of wood and leather, gentle sherry nuttiness, with vanilla.

      Finish: A long lingering finish carries the theme of the wood, spice and toffee right through to the end.

    • JAMESON BLACK BARREL - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Rich and full, developing into the succulent sweetness of exotic fruits like nectarines, apricot and papaya.

      Taste: A burst of flavours combine to produce a creamy luscious taste experience. The waves of vanilla, toasted wood and spices roll through from the pot still whiskey and flame charred barrels, while the special fruity sweetness from the grain remains consistent.

      Finish: An incredibly long finish with fruit and wood spices lingering in perfect proportion, delivering an extremely rich and luxurious taste experience

    • JAMESON CASKMATES - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: The initial aroma of freshly mown Hay is complimented by a crisp Orchard Fruit character, Green Apples and Pears along with a twist of Lime Zest. Mild Pot Still Spices appear, deepening from Green Tea to Hazel Nut and Milk Chocolate. The lingering Hop influence combines effortlessly with Toasted Oak and Barley Grains to form a solid base.

      Taste: As expected, there is the initial sweet mouth coating typical of the Irish Pot Still Whiskey inclusion. Then the effect of the Beer Cask finish becomes apparent with the subtle touch of Hops and Cocoa Beans. Some Marzipan and Charred Oak add to the complexity.

      Finish: Long and sweet with Milk Chocolate and Butterscotch

    • JAMESON CRESTED - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Vivid sherry, hearty pot still, some spice and hint of melon and ginger.

      Taste: Full bodied with soft delicate sherry undertones, toasted wood, perfectly balanced with fruit, spice and some chocolate notes.

      Finish: A warm embrace of lingering sherry notes.

    • JAMESON GOLD RESERVE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Fragrant notes of toasted oak with an added dimension of sweet wood compounds from the clever use of unseasoned virgin oak, combine with the aroma of pot still spices and soft sherry fruitiness.

      Taste: Deep succulent fruit and a touch of nuttiness from the Oloroso sherry butts are layered with flavours of the bourbon barrels and vanilla sweetness from the virgin oak. Pot still oils and spices combine perfectly with the wood flavours delivering an exceptionally smooth and complex flavour.

      Finish: A very long finish with a pleasantly peppery finale.

    • JAMESON RAREST VINTAGE RESERVE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: A real full bodied aroma. Initially sweet with ripe fruit notes of melon, bananas and dark fleshy plums. The unmistakable pot still spicy character combines to give hints of treacle, cinnamon and liquorice.

      Taste: Mellow sweetness and toasted wood are complemented by fruit richness, characteristic of the port casks. A touch of creamy dairy fudge and dark chocolate add to the complexity.

      Finish: A tantalisingly long finish which covers the spectrum from the sweetness of fruit, through the spices, to the unmistakable note of the barley where it all began.

    • JAMESON THE BLENDER’S DOG - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: From light citrus to pineapple, mango and kiwi notes, with the addition of figs and dates. A touch of walnut leads into the contribution of the seasoned American barrels and Spanish butts, vanilla and toasted oak.

      Taste: A rich, round, creamy mouthfeel, with the sweetness of butterscotch, giving way to the prickle of the pot still spices. Succulent fruit brings the perfect balance as charred oak with some subtle tannin add to the complexity.

      Finish: Exceptionally long, as the luscious fruit is slow to fade.

    • JAMESON THE COOPER’S CROZE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: A subtle flower petal-perfume develops into rich ripe fruits, while some charred oak and cedar wood bring balance and complexity - a seamless infusion of American and Spanish oak character.

      Taste: The initial impression id from the sweet vanilla of the American ex-bourbon barrels. This brings added depth to the rich fruits typical of the ex-oloroso sherry butts. A pleasant touch of hazelnut and toasted wood complement the pot still spices.

      Finish: Pleasantly long, with vanilla sweetness slowly fading to barley grains with a touch of oak char.

    • JAMESON THE DISTILLER’S SAFE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: From floral perfume, through fresh herbs, to lively spices, this special selection of distillates shows how the subtle delicate sweet notes of Irish grain whiskey can complement the more robust character of the Irish pot still whiskey. Barley Sugar sweetness combines with the succulence of grapefruit and green pepper, with a touch of marzipan adding to the depth.

      Taste: Starts off with barley sugar sweetness, progressing to hints of cinnamon and even a touch of liquorice. A vibrant note of mandarin orange appears alongside the nuttiness of ground almond.

      Finish: Stays light and zesty, with barley making a late appearance.

    • MIDLETON 1973 MASTER DISTILLERS - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Fruity, honeyed and spicy with sherry notes and a touch of leather.

      Taste: The distinctive and unique character of Old Midleton Pot Still unmistakable. Spicy, fruity, honeyed and slightly dry. A sherry nuttiness, vanilla and pleasant mild woody notes.

      Finish: A subtle and intriguing finish with a sweet wine note evident.

    • MIDLETON BARRY CROCKETT LEGACY - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Elegant aroma of vanilla and toasted oak complimented by a touch of lime, succulent green berries, pears and green sweet pepper.

      Taste: Light pepper carries onto fresh citrus, limes and mandarin orange sweetness. A hint of cinnamon with vanilla and oak reveals its years spent in American oak.

      Finish: The full spectrum of flavours lasts well into the finish, slowly fading to expose the clean American oak foundation.

    • MIDLETON DAIR GHAELACH - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: The crisp Pot Still spices are seamlessly enriched by the woodland fragrances of the Irish Oak. Sweet vanilla notes are given depth by some chocolate honeycomb and coffee beans, whilst the balancing rich fruit aromas of red berries, pineapple and ripe banana compliment the subtlearomatic oils.

      Taste: The typical Pot Still spices are fortified by the Irish Oak character. Robust yet mellow, clove and cinnamon give way to dairy fudge and milk chocolate sweetness combining with a touch of stewed apple.

      Finish: An exceptionally long finish, with some sweet spices slowly fading, leaving the final bow to the Irish Oak.

    • MIDLETON VERY RARE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: A rich, full pot still character with touches of ripe juicy sultanas, yeasty fruitiness and acacia honey.

      Taste: A sweet crisp, truly unique taste. A maltiness is first apparent and then the richness of honey, berry fruits and hints of clementines to the fore.

      Finish: A very long finish with a pleasantly peppery finale.

    • MIDLETON VERY RARE 20TH ANNIVERSARY - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Spicy, nutty with hints of herbs and cedar.

      Taste: Wonderfully complex flavours. Soft marshmallow sweetness, ripe summer fruits, toasted oak and dried herbs with hints of wood and leather.

      Finish: There is a long finish with a suggestion of green apples and gooseberries. A unique taste sensation.

    • PADDY CENTENARY RELEASE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Initial aroma of green apples gives way to rich spicy notes. Soft mellow barley grains in balance with robust touches of tarragon and bergamot, typical of Paddy Irish Whiskey down the years.

      Taste: At first, a soft vanilla sweetness, and then, the orchard fruits appear. The evolution continues into the crisp succulence of freshly chopped green bell peppers.

      Finish: Long with sweet vanilla top notes balanced with a pepper prickle and fading to expose the delicate barley grains.

    • POWERS 12 YEAR OLD SPECIAL RESERVE - Blended Irish Whiskey


      Nose: Spicy, honeyed, with a touch of perfumed oils, it is full bodied and flavoursome.

      Taste: The familiar taste of this famous whiskey is enhanced, by long ageing to reveal a spicy complexity and additional velvet smoothness.

      Finish: The velvet smoothness is finished with a distinguishing touch of gentle woodiness.

    • POWERS JOHN'S LANE RELEASE - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: An abundance of earthy aromas, leather, tobacco with layers of charred wood, dark chocolate and treacle toffee.

      Taste: Full bodied spice front followed by vanilla, honey and dried apricot.

      Finish: Lingering honey sweetness on toasted oak.

    • POWERS SIGNATURE RELEASE - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Triple distillation in Copper Pot Stills and years of maturation, produce the crisp fresh herbal notes of garden mint and bergamot, balanced with more robust spicy touches of nutmeg, fig and black peppercorns. The sweet vanilla notes on a background of Charred American Oak and the subtle use of ex-Oloroso sherry butts, from Iberian oak, brings some succulent berry fruits to the mix.

      Taste: Initially, succulently sweet with vanilla, leads into the warming flavours of the charred oak casks. Hints of black liquorice and cinnamon slowly allow some fruit to appear- melons, green apples and pears. As the richness subsides, there is a crisp flinty acknowledgement of the barley.

      Finish: Long and wonderfully complex. An unhurried journey through an impressive flavour spectrum.

    • POWERS THREE SWALLOW - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Pot Still spice combines with crisp barley character. Delicate herbs give way to green banana and grapefruit while a nutty note of marzipan reflects the wood contribution of specially selected casks.

      Taste: In true Pot Still style, an initial taste delivers smooth mouth-coating barley followed by an eruption of green apple and citrus notes. Herbs and spicy flavour are complemented by a touch of cedar wood for extra complexity.

      Finish: Spicy sweetness gives way to Pot Still barley character balanced with a hint of sherry and leading to a crisp cereal finish with toasted oak notes.

    • REDBREAST 15 YEAR OLD - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Full and rich with a complex yet balanced mix of berry fruits and aromatic oils.

      Taste: Fully round and mellow with the succulence of fleshy fruit combined with spices and toasted wood.

      Finish: Long and sophisticated.

    • REDBREAST 21 YEAR OLD - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Remarkable aroma spanning fresh tropical fruits, nuts and rich dried fruit.

      Taste: Soft vanilla, toasted oak, sherry nuttiness with a dusting of Pot Still spices. Luscious fl eshy fruit notes complete the creamy mouthfeel.

      Finish: Lingers, seemingly forever, to oak and Pot Still spices and then, the final bow from barley - where it all began.

    • REDBREAST LUSTAU - Single Pot Still Whiskey


      Nose: Rich Infusion of dark fruits, prunes, dates & figs with liquorice, marzipan, toasted oak and Redbreast spices.

      Taste: Creamy Pot Still with Redbreast spices balanced with richness of sherry finish and contribution of fresh Spanish oak.

      Finish: Endless. Sweetness and Pot Still spices endure while Oloroso Sherry and Spanish Oak have the last word.



      Nose: Mown hay & cracked black pepper. Red bell peppers, nutmeg, clove oil & green tea. Sweet honey & peaches from the Malaga casks.

      Taste: Honey sweetness with pot still spices. Flavours of fresh coffee, creamy milk chocolate & Crème Brûlée. Notes of red apples & toasted oak.

      Finish: Sophisticated & complex. Sweetness throughout, with a mix of red grape & dry barley upon exit.

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